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"We've always liked the way Rani Singam manages to bring character to the songs she sings - she doesn't just sing the songs she sometimes becomes the songs.”

Rani has recorded and released 3 full-length albums and one single. Her latest album “My Muse – Live” (2020) is a recording of her sold-out show at the iconic Victoria Concert Hall Singapore on 6 April 2019. The concert was also performed in collaboration with Hong Kong’s premiere chamber group Ensemble Transience at the Hong Kong Performing Arts Centre. Calls from the audiences for the music to be made commercially available led to the birth of “My Muse – Live”. The recording marks Rani’s first crossover live album. It showcases the breadth and depth of Rani’s craft and a world class ensemble comprising string and jazz quartets led and arranged by Chok Kerong, one of Rani’s longest standing musical partners.